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ABOUT 3D Printing north

How we started

 I have been working in various manufacturing sectors as a registered Tool and Die maker for over 17 years. Since the start, I have been designing 3D models and parts with design aspects that are limited to machine capabilities. Now 3D printing is allowing me to push the boundaries in component design and enabling fast prototyping. From printing everyday useful items, model or cosplay props, and even supporting manufacturing with intricate work holding fixtures, 3D printing is quickly evolving into a necessary service that's more than just printing kids toys. If you have an idea for a prototype, an odd bracket that doesn’t exist, a part you need replaced or looking for small batch printing let me know. I can help with any design you have been thinking of and turn your ideas into a physical 3D model.

Why 3D Printing North?


We started 3D Printing North because of our love for making projects come to life . Each day, we get clients with projects that keep us on our feet. We enjoy the challenge and the opportunity to create different things every day.

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